Too many women find themselves on the chase when they are in fact the catch. When you have a poor sense of self and you undervalue your greatness, you're not being humble, you're really just playing small and selling your self short. This is not about being arrogant or vain. It's about being confident and unapologetically shining in your zone of genius. Women who know their worth get paid more, experience more life fulfillment and have more harmonious relationships. They know what they want, they don't shy away from what they deserve, they add value to any room they walk into and they don't shrink in order to make others comfortable. When women own their power, they show up more authentically in the world. You can't afford to doubt your greatness, because if you're too busy doubting it, you'll never work to manifest it. I wrote this book for the winners who know that when they win, they can create opportunities for others and contribute more to their communities. This book is a guide to help Dreamer's maintain a winning mindset, discover their worth AND demand it. It's a manifesto for go-getters to pursue their goals with deliberation, intent and focus. It's an inspiring reminder to let their light shine because YOU ARE THE PRIZE!

I AM THE PRIZE: A Dreamchaser's Guide To Win In Life