TiaVsFancyCash explores the

duality of Tia Coleman,

and her alter ego, Fancy Cash.


The world needs TiaVsFancyCash because no one else can capture the hearts and minds of the younger demographic like her. Tia's purpose in life is to fight for the young girls who thought they could never win. She does this by using media to inspire and motivate young women from all backgrounds to reach their highest potential and authentically live out their dreams. 

You can truly do both! 

The Podcast and YouTube channel

 Tia Vs. FancyCash aims to educate, encourage & help push the agenda of entrepreneurship & personal development in young women.  Tia strives to strengthen the youth to find power in themselves when struggling with feeling defeated, low on self esteem and not realizing their self worth. This is a personal platform to be a sister, friend, and confidant to someone out there who has neither. You are not alone, Let's grow together! 

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